Child Safety Automotive Products

A child’s safety. What could be more important? As a family business, we place safety above all. We supply the industry-leading child safety products right when you need them.

  • Educational Support product

    Educational Support

    Nationally we support the efforts of safety activists. Whether through financial sponsorship of educational conferences, assistance with providing tools for program initiatives, or logistic services our mission is to aid front line technicians. VMP additionally attends the seminars of advocates to understand best practices in their field. Education is an ongoing effort which we focus on as a core initiative.

  • Vendor Resources product

    Vendor Resources

    VMP maintains relationships with all car seat companies to offer a diverse range of products. We regularly connect with each manufacturer for the ability to provide an item that fits your need. Our model is one-stop shopping so customers do not have to waste valuable time. We negotiate the best price, not just cost but freight charges getting to you.

  • Juvenile Category Assortment product

    Juvenile Category Assortment

    In addition to car seats, we know there is a full range of childproofing, health, and numerous categories. Our portfolio covers an assortment of every category in the juvenile industry. We support the product needs of medical professionals, child care providers, and municipal programs geared towards the development of children.

  • Supply Chain Experts product

    Supply Chain Experts

    VMP is a system of businesses, people, societies, intelligence, and resources to move products & services from source to customer. Our role in distribution is to streamline the need of juvenile products. We respond quickly to the supply & demand needs while achieving contract obligations. We make parenting affordable by offering diverse price points, inventory solutions, and cost effective shipping plans.

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